Helping Business

Anyone in the business line will tell you that that there are many types of software in helping them to run the businesses efficiently and efficiently. These softwares are known as business management softwares. These softwares help in accounting, customer relation, time keeping, etc. There are a lot of products that you can choose from. In case of small companies, some of these softwares are available free of cost and some are available for small fee from which you can choose. This helps in cutting down the cost. In larger firms or businesses you can get customised softwares done for your company. Some companies do their own softwares and some get from vendors.
Your business requirements demand what is expected in a software that you choose. Normally in all businesses the main criteria are:

  • Customer relation- this is the important part in any business.
  • Getting raw materials- procuring of raw material is important
  • Invoicing- sending invoice over the mails
  • Accounting- keep all your accounts in one place
  • Presentation – preparing flow chart or slides for presentation

These are the main itinerates that are generally given in most softwares. Some softwares are for specific purposes only. They will manage only accounting or invoicing, etc. Only some companies offer products that are combination of two or more things.

How to choose a software?
There are lot of softwares available in the market or internet. You have to choose a software that would cater to your needs. First take a look at the services they are offering. Some softwares cater only to specific need like accounting, invoicing, etc. Some offer a combination of various softwares.
In case of small businesses it is enough if you get a software that deals with accounting or some basic purpose. You need not invest more in the softwares. Only as your business grows, you would need more of these softwares. Then you could get combo softwares, where accounting, customer support, invoicing, everything is available in the same place here https://www.qorusdocs.com/.

 With these softwares, you can do your business more efficiently. These softwares can be taken as single or as a combination too. When you take combinations, then all the information is in the same place, which helps you to review and analyse things. By analysing all data you can find what should be done toimprove the business. If these data are made available to all employees, then they can also give their ideas to improve the business and take it to next level.
We also manufacture customised softwares for specific companies. These softwares help you to get more time, to do your personal work and think about expanding your business.

Let us see what softwares are available in our company
1. Customer service- Customer relation is the root of all business. We offer good customer relation software for your use. You can have all the information of the clients in the same place. When you want to send out new proposal, sale information or conduct surveys, you can send it out in emails in one click to all customers.
2. Accounts- This software helps in keeping all your financial details and accounting in the same place. They can be seen from anywhere. You can use this software in computer, iPad or tablets also.
3.Project management- This is an important aspect of all projects. There should be someone who handles projects in an office. When there are lot of projects happening in the office, it is hard for anyone to have an update of all the projects involved. This project management software helps you be updated in all these projects. Also, you can ask the clients to see the progress.
4. Invoice-Sending invoice trough emails help you to keep up to date accounts.
5. Presentation- When you are meeting new clients you would have to explain your business proposal. It is better to do a presentation as a flow chart, which speaks out instead of you. Our software helps in preparing flow chart with the given information.
6. Time keeping- This software helps in keeping the time of employees. You can know the time of arrival and time of leaving of the employees by their card swiping. You can know when they have taken leave, etc.


All the information will be loaded in the software, thereby making it easy to calculate he wages. These are the main features of our software. You can also get separate software for any purpose. For example, if you need accounting alone, you can get that.
If you choose us, we will take you to new heights.